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Madam of the Atom

an atom smashing new musical

Einstein owes Lise a new legacy.


Have you heard the news?

Einstein is surfing the Milky Way Galaxy on his Chatham beach bike.  As he rides the waves, an atomic blast from the past sends his physicist friend, Dr. Lise Meitner, into galactic shock.  When Albert offers her comfort, Lise confronts him.  He owes her.  She's ready to collect.

Sound like Si-Fi?  The part about the atomic blast is true.  As for Einstein surfing the Milky Way?  Well, you do the math, we'll quantize.  Grab a seat.  Surf's up!


Fueled by a combustible mixture of thought-provoking storytelling and scientific fact, this imaginative new musical launches an under-represented woman physicist to the stars, propelled by a high-octane blend of classic and contemporary music styles.

the musical
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