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Madam of the Atom

Lise Meitner, a Physicist's story

a New Musical

Lise Meitner, an Austrian Jew (1878-1968), discovered nuclear fission in 1938. Her discovery lead to the dawn of the nuclear age.  A German colleague of thirty years, Otto Hahn, stole her discovery and published it as his own. Otto Hahn won the Nobel Prize for discovering fission in 1946. He never thanked or acknowledged Lise for 'his' discovery.


A victim of misogyny, anti-Semitism and homophobia.  Lise Meitner was nominated for the Nobel Prize forty-eight times. She never won.  Her legacy was erased.  Lise's life was saved by her passionate love for Physicist Eva Von Bahr. This is Lise's story, based on actual events. It is a story about legacy, humanity and Lise's heroic struggle to reclaim both.  Lise Meitner is Broadway bound in this new musical by H. Fawcett and David Tolley.

the musical
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