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Madam of the Atom

an atom smashing new musical

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Einstein has been spotted surfing the Milky Way Galaxy on his Chatham beach bike. Suddenly, an atomic blast from the past sends his physicist friend, Dr. Lise Meitner, into galactic shock. Albert arrives to comfort her with a violin serenade, but Lise forbids it. She has not forgiven him for calling her his “German Marie Curie” and defiling her legacy. Albert promises to make amends by turning back the clock and setting the record straight. As they pedal towards Earth, Albert promises Lise a new legacy.
Sound like sci-fi? The story is true, including the moment when Lise and her Nephew discover nuclear fission. As for Einstein surfing the Milky Way? You do the math, we’ll quantize.


Fueled by a combustible mixture of STEM facts and thought-provoking storytelling, this imaginative new family-friendly musical launches a forgotten Austrian-Jewish physicist to the stars, propelled by an atom smashing original score of pop, funk, and neo-classical styles.

But wait . . . can Lise survive reliving her dramatic past to expose a homophobic, misogynistic traitor named Otto . . . the same German chemist who stole her discovery of nuclear fission, costing her the Nobel Prize? Albert bets she can as he reimagines Lise’s new legacy as: Madam of the Atom!

the musical
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